Atoms & Void

by Universal Sigh

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released May 3, 2016

All songs written by Universal Sigh

Universal Sigh is

Pace Maynard - Guitar
Austin Parker - Bass, Vocals
Steve Terry - Guitar, Keys, Vocals
Jones Maynard - Drums, Percussion

Engineered by Dayne Doucette & Will Clark at Fractal Sound Studio
Mastered by Chris Griffin Mastering (Atlanta, GA)
Artwork by Jesse Cegielski
Logo by Wren Breen Design

Horns by The Dabbler Horn Trio

Martin Anderson - Alto Saxophone
Duncan Messler - Tenor/Baritone Saxophone
Paul Nelson - Trombone

Marcus Mayhem horn arrangement by Paul Nelson
All other horn arrangements by Steve Terry

Backing vocals on Hopsecutioner by Adriana Thomas
Percussion on Partials by Will Clark
Backing vocals on Threshold by Dayne Doucette

Endless thanks and gratitude to our families, friends, fans and to all the creative minds that helped produce this album! Universal Sigh would not be possible without your love and support.



all rights reserved
Track Name: If Time Allows
If Time Allows

Why take the time to listen
I’m right and always will be
The present day prescription
Far as the eye can see
It's not me

The clock will never quicken
Forgetting consequences
After all we’re only pushing paper
Seems sensible to me

A life without a meaning, running
Lost inside that feeling in the dark
No thought before reaction, just
Eluding satisfaction from the start

I went up to Athens
Got me a degree
Headed out to join the masses
Made a working man of me

Start to end full speed ahead
Day after day
Never did I stop to think
I could live some other way

Can’t Comprehend
This master plan

Days turn into weeks then months
As months turn into years
Hours at your desk each day
Building your career

Then one day you find yourself
Staring at the ground
Swearing that you’ll live your life
If time allows
The time is now
If time Allows
Track Name: Hopsecutioner

See how the sun shines dancing in her eyes
Hear how the wind blows, how it howls and it cries
Our nights they are gold; with her I must grow old
But when she comes home late, there’s more than I’ve been told

Well I can always tell when she’s been lying to me
There must be another man, I opened my eyes its plain to see
I took her in my arms, brushed my fingers through her hair
Only one time girl if you break my then I swear
We will have reached the end

Filling up ashtrays, my doubts have not been cleared
Listening to airwaves, for signals far and near
And then one night I awoke, warm but alone
Watched her sneak off from the widow's walk and waited for her to get home

I sat for hours blood boiling ‘neath the moon
I saw her headlights and smelt her perfume
Her lips were red her skin aglow
Dancing in sin with the moon on her back
Where’s her shame?
That's when she noticed me

Caught in the act I gave her one chance to explain
I can still hear her words bouncing round my brain
She said...

I am desperate
I am cold
I am aging
Not quite old
You break my feet
To keep me at home
It’s all out of fear
Of being alone

Those were the last words that girl she ever did say
What I did that night
I still regret to this day
Track Name: Golden Lotus
Golden Lotus

Close your eyes
Imagine moonlit skies
The world is slumbering

Let it fill up your mind
Your worries crumbling

Feel the wind
A long forgotten friend
Your only company

Flowing streams
A product of your dreams
Floating so comfortably

Careful don’t you make a sound
What’s that noise from under ground
Feel the earth begin to quake
Signal that it’s time to wake up

The wool be pulled from my eyes

Who drew lines in the sky

Back to that mystic place

Where troubles mean
And worries they whither and
Waste away
Far Away

One last time
Dive deep into sublime
We’re here and here to stay

Birds eye view
Is lost to all but few
Who dare to look away

Clouded minds
Tricked into joyous time
Cling to their cigarettes

Fleeting dreams
A perfect world it seems
Can’t dread what we forget

Solipsistic and deranged
Wasted time with nothing gained
Look around for heaven’s sake
In the end we all must wake up

Back to that mystic place

Where troubles mean
And worries they whither
And waste way
Far away
Track Name: Marcus Mayhem
Marcus Mayhem

Cataracts on capricorns
Seahorses in the slime
Washed up in the willow muck
Well before our time

Sirens and tyrants
All doing as they please
Coalescing and caressing
In unadulterated sleaze

Hail Marcus! All the creatures cry
A single sung salute
Chairman of the chiefdom
In his purple pinstriped suit

There’s jesters leading the brigade
And Mayhem is at the helm
Crusading and parading
Through a long forgotten realm

Jungle cats and gemini
Preparing for the prowl
Tilden Katz is on his yacht
Pulled by forty foul
Feeding on fluorescent fruit
A vision flashed behind his eyes
A glimmer of the gleaming goblet
And the sea began to rise

Quickly chaos came to Katz
Muddling his mind
He changed his name to tame his fame
And left Mayhem behind
Now he’s Otis Blake make no mistake
He’s delightful and divine
He forged the chalice of which he dreamt
Flawless in design

Hang up your mind on a blueberry vine
There’s a bus that will take you away
Marcus is here you’ve got nothing to fear
Let’s parade and then roll in the hay

Deep inside the confines of your mind
There’s a light that can always be found
Just like the oak lost in the storm
We all must return to the ground

Gobble the food and drink all the wine
Happily stumble back home
Be grateful for all the deeds you don’t see
Behind the emperor's throne
Track Name: Just Peachy
Just Peachy

Each day we wake, to greet the sun
Memories we make, details unsung
Each night we fall, longing for more
Now is all there is and now is yours

Embrace your life and feel the love
Radiate from everyone
When you’re tired, and face the choice
Listen to your inner voice

Open up your heart now honey, it's time to share
The sun still shines above the clouds up there
This could be your brand new day
Release your cares feel just peachy

How could I have missed it
Mistook for mystic
I know we will not fail
I know love will prevail

I feel fine
Track Name: Threshold

When times get tough control your breath
Adhere to this and leave the rest
Let go of all your selfish ways
The only constant known is change

I fear I felt this way last week
Yet each day is unique
A new sun will rise to shine
As sure as the thundering tempest of time

Some want all they can get
Others learn to be content
In the end it’s all the same
We all will find our own way

Believe I’ve bent this way before
Stepping right through the door
Only To find that everything’s different
Since I last walked outside

When it comes to life my friends
You get out what you put in